Whether you think you can or can’t, you right!
Whether you think you can or can’t, you right!

About US

MiNu in a Nutshell

Welcome to MiNu.Today, a UK-based online marketplace (based in Reading to be precise), where you can shop from local artists, makers, service providers and creatives making it simple for you to shop from all of them in one place. All products on MiNu have been handmade, designed, created or offered by local sellers via a creative design process. That means, each and every product or service is unique and made/sold with love for you to either give as a gift or keep/use yourself (go on – you’ve earned it!)

What makes us different?
Unlike other marketplaces, when you make a purchase on MiNu you are directly supporting the UK industry and directly supporting a local independent artist, maker, service provider or creative.

We only take 5% commission from our sellers sales (minus a tiny transaction fee our payment provider takes for processing the transaction).

How MiNu Started

Helping your community is an opportunity for you to grow as a person, to better understand how you fit into the world around you. That is why we (Justine and Lara) started MiNu.Today to enrich our lives, familiarise ourselves with the community, and connect with people and ideas that have positively impacted us and our perspective for the rest of our lives.

We have learnt very quickly that there is so much talent in England but people battle to sell their amazing products and services, especially since COVID began early 2020 stopping all the markets and social gatherings where people would normally meet and greet plus obviously sell.

June 2020 without even knowing we both moved to Reading from South Africa. Our girls all started the same school, the same day and got paired up to be buddies…..obviously we had to meet the girls parents as they had so quickly become best of friends. After one cup of coffee we also realised a friendship like our girls that strengthened with our passion for designing and a desperate desire to help people in our community.

Justine’s skills and experience with Web Development and Digital Online Identity combined with Lara’s experience in Marketing, Networking and Designing made us the perfect fit, aligned with the same goals to start our business!

What’s in the Name?

Well when Lara emigrated from South Africa to England there was a delay in her dogs coming and she missed them so much whilst trying to think of the right name for the business. Then it came to us…..Minnie and Nunu-Bug…..let’s take the first two letters of each dog’s name, MiNu and pronounce it – wait for it – MeNu…standing for Me ‘n You TODAY!
Designed by MiNu.Today
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